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Grain Journal

"Ray-Carroll installed the first air unloading system 20 years ago in two 50-foot-diameter concrete silos with side sumps..

Since then, we have installed the floors in six more silos at two different locations, the latest one being two years ago."


- Tim Phillips, Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, Richmond, MO

Grain Journal

"The system works great. It’s much better than any bin sweep we have ever been around. There’s never really any maintenance to them, except for visual inspection to verify the screens are clean and secured to the floor."


- Scott Althoff, Alton Grain Terminal, Hillsboro, ND

Grain Journal

2013 Elevator

"The big tanks(10) stand 36 feet in diameter and 136 feet tall, with Kanalsystem aeration and unloading floors." 


2014-2015 Annex

"The annex consists of two standalone 500,000-bushel tanks standing 76 feet in diameter by 136 feet tall. These tanks also have KanalSystem floors "


- Fessenden Coop Association, Fessenden, ND

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