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Grain bin unloading and aeration system

Bin Unloading and Aeration 

The KANALSYSTEM works efficiently in nearly ANY  bin size and application. The system can provide high unloading capacity, up to 40,000 bu/hour, for nearly ANY whole grain (wheat, corn, beans, ect) with excellent conditioning properties to provide full aeration.

Aeration is designed to be introduced uniformly throughout the grain storage bin. Air flows up the concrete ridge leaving all grain exposed to the airflow.

Safety is one of the biggest advantages of the KANALSYSTEM™. The system is self-cleaning and has no mechanical parts inside the silo. A sweep auger is not needed and staff does not need to enter the silo during unloading. 


Dual funciton

Grain Bin Unloading


There are three primary layouts (shown above): Center draw (outlet gate), Side draw, and Multiple gates layout. The system can be installed in NEW or PRE-EXISTING bins, CONCRETE or STEEL.


Side draw

Center draw

Multiple gates


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Grain Cooler

When the storage temperature in grain is too high, the risk of insect infestation, mould and fungus also rise. A conservative estimation is that insects damage at least 10% of all stored grain every year. Taking into consideration all costs related when storing grain at the wrong temperature/ moisture content, the figure rises to several billion dollars. By storing the grain at the right temperature at all times, regardless of ambient conditions, storage losses can be avoided or cut to an absolute minimum. 



Environmental Advantages


By chilling grain, you eliminate the need for chemicals. Chilled storage has long been accepted in Europe and Asia as the method that safeguards and preserves the quality of stored grain. Cooling is also ideal for the increasing share of organically grown grain, which may not be treated with toxic chemicals.


grain dryers



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Wondering how a KANALSYSTEM™ or Grain Cooler would fit with your new or existing bins? 


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